Saturday, May 16, 2009

Still going Strong!!!

So, Mom did a half marathon today, Saturday! She did amazing! We headed down to Riverfront Park, and watched and waited for Mom, and all the rest of the fam doing the race. Luckily for me it was nice and warm, but unfortunatley for the runners, they were probably dying of heat towards the end. I wasn't even running, and I still got toasty and a little sweaty out there. IT WAS AWESOME!!!.. not the sweaty part, the warm part. I am so proud of my mom, she accomplished so much, and she's inspired me to become a runner! Seeing her doing it, and the accomplishment she felt, and the fun she had, almost made me jealous, and wishing I had done it with her. Maybe next year, but still she is amazing and a huge example to me!.. Love you mom!! Love Alora!

From MOM: I love you too Alora!! It was so awesome to see my family (Alora, Duane, Shawnte and Cameron and little Vance) at the finish line cheering me on! I expected to arrive all alone and have to go back to the car by myself!! What a surprise!! The race was grueling--I wish I had trained a little harder, but that's all hindsight! I finished a full 40 minutes earlier than I thought I would so YEA for me!!

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