Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Field garden!!

I think I can- I think I can-I think I can....

Cameron made this amazing gate to keep out deer, critters, and Preston! We decided to name it the Little Red Hen's garden because Natalie and I have been the main gardener's so far......

It's really happening!!!

Can it really be?? Natalie and I are trying a fantastic experiment this year--the "family" garden. It started out with four families and now we are down to three--we have already begun our seedlings (marigolds, nastursiums, peppers, and two types of tomatoes) and as you can see--they are sprouting up really well!! I am so excited!! We have also had Cameron till up our field garden and we have planted our potatoes, strawberries, onions, lots and lots of onions, and lettuce and carrots----the whole cool crop kit and kaboodle!!! If we are really lucky and pray alot, we are hoping for a pretty terrific harvest this year (no more Carvers farms??)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


     What a fun day!!! Allie's birthday party was themed on 'bugs'!  Natalie really went all out!! She headbands with antennae for each party-goer and decorations galore!  I made the caterpillar cake and her 'personal' cake--a lot of work, but lots of fun too!  I also made a pinata in the shape of a bee and I think the kids had a lot of fun whacking the daylights of it. 
      Natalie also had a find the bug egg game (like and Easter egg hunt) and a pin the head on the butterfly, which we didn't get a chance to do--too much fun--not enough time!  Lots of good food to eat and family to share it with!  A great turnout for a terrific little girl!  Grandkids are fun! (most of time!)

A Soggy Spring Break!!

Alora and I  started out in North Idaho with freezing weather--hopeful that we would be able to use the bikes we strapped to the car when we got to Utah.  As you can see, the weather on the road was just as icy as home!!  We did get a slight break on Tuesday and went for a short, but pretty dang cold ride, just so we could say we did!  We were doing the 'girls away for the week' thing until Wednesday--then Duane flew in and joined us.  We went to the zoo--as pictured--and I discovered I really like zoos!!  O.K. so I'm weird, but they are really interesting to me.  
We were going to come home on Saturday, but Duane got a ticket to Priesthood, so we stayed until Monday.  Yes, Alora missed a day of school--again.....  But--she did get a ticket to the Saturday morning session so both of them got to go to the Conference center--which was pretty amazing!!  
We also took Friday to be our "church" day and went to the Salt Lake Temple.  Alora did baptisms--with a slight hitch--and we did some initiatory work.  I had called the temple the day before to make sure she didn't need an appointment or anything, and they said that it is on a walk-in basis--no problem!  So after finding out where we needed to go, I checked her in and left to go back to the main entrance to find Duane.  After an hour we were done and we went back to the foyer to meet Alora.  We found her there, and she had a strange look on her face---we found out that there was a huge group from Florida that came in and she wasn't able to do any baptisms!  She was crying and upset, so I went back to the font area and talked to the leaders there--we ended up going to the museum for a couple of hours and then returned when the 'Florida" group was done.  The next group to come in was just four boys from-----yep---Spokane!  Alora didn't see them, but she said that although it was really neat to see the elegance of the SLC temple, she liked Spokane better!  More opportunity--they only let you do five names in SLC.  The best part of the trip was getting to be with family and having an opportunity to do whatever we wanted without interruptions!